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Just some of the recent work I have done over the past year while freelancing as Digital Fishies.

The type of work varies from developing bespoke in-house applications to SaaS solutions.

Many of the projects I have inherited along with the technologies used, such as Web Forms, Web API, MVC and lots of JavaScript.


The web application developer for Summaxis web based bespoke applications. These applications are built to the end client's requirements. Visit Summaxis

CS Design

The web applicaiton developer for CS Design, providing a SaaS solution hooking into their desktop offering. Visit CS Design

The Reaction Chamber

A design agency, bringing brands to life. Updated the original website and worked for some of their clients. See The Reaction Chamber

Ruddy Good

Marketing agency, worked on several projects including building a JavaScript game. Visit Ruddy Good

Steel Beam Calculator

Updated elements of the website for A/B testing and improve the system to provide more accurate product recommendations. Visit Steel Beam Calculator


Working with a fellow developer to create a product catalogue based website using Umbraco for it's core.


Marketing agency, created a multilingual estate agent website specialsed in commercial properties.

About me

Digital Fishies is Tony Norcross.

I've been developing for the web commercially since 1995 and have a workded in design and computer networking.

See my LinkedIn profile to find out more.

making great web applications

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Digital Fishies Ltd is registered in England and Wales, company number 09270684