Freelance Web Developer

I build Web Applications using ASP.NET, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Office on-brand

Inherited and Updated an application consisting of a single ASP.NET 3.5 WebForm page mimicking a WebAPI which was called by a single html, CSS and JavaScript files. This is now a modular application (separation of concerns) with multiple HTML and JavaScript files calling WebAPI 2 controllers. Use Aspose to manipulate Microsoft Office files. I also developed Visual Studio Office Tools (VSTO) add-ins to extend MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel functionality. The VSTO work enables employees to browse and import approved materials from websites directly into their documents and presentations.

Software as a Service

Inerited and merged 3 separate websites using Classic ASP, VB.NET and C# into a single ASP.NET application. The application enables users to update their online repository. This data is made available to a desktop application plugin via a SaaS API. I continue to support and improving the application along with the server via remote desktop. I also maintain and update the marketing website which uses Wordpress and MySQL.

Games for marketing

Created games and interactive experiences for various marketing campaigns (e.g. Coors, McDonald's, Chiquitos, Pepsi). I have transfered much of my Adobe Flash development knowledge into JavaScript. For example, here is a game written in JavaScript using the Phaser framework teaching children about healthy eating. The code was written to be configurable through simple text files, thus enabling the client to make simple updates.


Working with a fellow developer to create a product catalogue website using Umbraco CMS as its core. I created the CSS, Umbraco templates & document types for this project. I also integrated other .NET projects into the site.

Property search

Created a multilingual estate agent website specialised in the sales of large commercial properties. For this I worked on the HTML, CSS and the .NET search functionality.


Well known Fast Moving Commercial Goods (FMCG) website to capture consumer preference. I have created a number of these sites for the largest global house hold brands. The functionality has varied, including winning wrapper code checking (Galaxy) or voucher giveaways in conjuction with above the line advertising (PizzaHut).