Web Developer based in Nottingham

Over 20 years of commercial experience of web development. Work in all areas of IT. Manager of Information Systems, Technical Architect and Web Developer.

What I do

What I do

ASP.NET, WebForms, MVC and WebAPI

Started developing for the web using Classic ASP which naturally evolved into programming in C# for WebForms, MVC and WebAPI 2. Having programmed in JSP prior to the release of C# helped inform my development.

JavaScript and jQuery

Comfortable with programming in vanilla JavaScript or using frameworks such as jQuery. I can adapt to most JavaScript frameworks quickly, even to develop games.

HTML, CSS and Bootstrap

A responsive user interface which works across all modern browsers on all screens requires an excellent knowledge of CSS and HTML. However, I am just at home with raw CSS, and often use SASS where appropriate.

Microsoft SQL Server

I've been using MS SQL Server since version 6.5 on Windows NT 4 Servers. So not only can I do LINQ, but also Stored Procedures. This general knowledge has put me in good stead with MySQL too.

Examples of Work

Finance on-brand

Changed an application consisting of a single ASP.NET 3.5 WebForm page mimicking a WebAPI which called by a single html, CSS and JavaScript files. This is now a modular application with multiple HTML and JavaScript files calling multiple WebAPI 2 controllers. Also used Aspose and VSTO to manipulate MS Office documents.

SaaS for Landscapes

Merged 3 separate websites using Classic ASP, VB.NET and C# into a single SaaS solution. Continue to support and improving the application along with server maintenance/updates via remote desktop. I also look after the marketing website which uses Wordpress and MySQL.

JavaScript Games

Created a JavaScript game for a marketing campaign. I have extensive experience making interactive experiences using web based technologies. For this I used the Phaser framework and wrote the code so it was all configurable through simple text files. I did this so the client would be able to update the assets used. I have developed a lot of Flash in the past, so this knowledge has informed much of my JavaScript game development.

Responsive UI

Having worked closely with designers and creatives, I am able to interpreted designs to produce a responsive website using hand coded HTML and CSS. I have done this several times for design agencies and their clients.

Online calculations

Updated elements of the website for A/B testing. I also incorporated additional functionality, enabling the user to fine tune their inputs, so resultant calculation would be more accurate. The site is used on a daily basis via a subscription model

Umbraco integrated

Working with a fellow developer to create a product catalogue based website using Umbraco CMS as its core. I created the CSS, Umbraco templates & document types for this project. I also integrated other projects into the site.

Commercial search

Marketing agency, created a multilingual estate agent website specialised in the sales of commercial properties. For this I worked on the HTML, CSS and the search functionality.

FMCG marketing

Well known FMCG brand website to capture consumer preference. I have done a number of these sites for the largest global house hold brands, with various functionality, including winning wrapper code checking.


Digital Fishies is Tony Norcross. You can find out more about me from my LinkedIn profile.

I am also a member of several local meetup groups