Tools of the trade

ASP.NET, WebForms, MVC and WebAPI

Started developing for the web using Classic ASP which evolved into programming in C# for WebForms, MVC and WebAPI 2. Having programmed using (Java Server Pages) JSP prior to the release of C# helped me pick up the basics quickly.

JavaScript and jQuery

Happy with programming in vanilla JavaScript or using frameworks such as jQuery. I can adapt to JavaScript frameworks quickly, even to develop games or create interactive experiences. Visit the lab for examples of what I can do. Currently, I'm developing a game using ES6, and packaging it with NPM.

HTML, CSS and Bootstrap

I develop responsive user interfaces which works across all modern browsers at all resolutions on all screens. As I have experience developing with legacy markup, I can also target legacy browsers too. This is the case for the WinForms WebBrowser control which is still based on Internet Explorer 7. I've have plenty of experience with HTML and CSS. I often use Sassy Cascaded Style Sheets (SCSS) where appropriate.

Microsoft SQL Server

I've been using MS SQL Server since version 6.5 on Windows NT 4 Servers. Depending on your requirements, I can use LINQ or Stored Procedures on SQL Server. This knowledge has been useful for MySQL development too.

The technologies listed above are the ones I most commonly use today. However, I have used many technologies, including Adobe Flash and Classic ASP. Despite their waning popularity, the development principles used are still relevant today.